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As today is the first day of the tee booking being available for the seven days beginninig Friday June 12th every member should be on the start sheet only once. As detailed previously the start sheet is monitored and extra bookings are removed. We have received complaints that some members are on the start sheet more than the permitted amount and this then denies other members their opportunity to get a game.

I have checked the sheet and I am confident members are only on the sheet once. Every member has the opportunity tomorrow morning at 8am to book another game within the seven day period starting Friday June 12th. Some members have commented that they were not aware a friend had added their name.

May I ask that you check with the player you are adding that they are entitled to be on the sheet. This will avoid any issue with a member having the wrong tee time removed especially if they know nothing about it.

Tomorrow night I will again check the tee sheets and every member is now entitled to be on it twice in the seven day period starting Friday June 12th.

This is a difficult period and hopefully the next government update due June 18th wil ease restrictions further. If this happens consideration will be given to changing from 2 balls. The club will at all times consider the government guidelines