Following the match and handicap meeting today some main points are as follow A full report will be issued in the next couple of days.

  • Walk on medals will start on June 28th and continue Sunday- Wednesday until the Gents opening day scheduled for July 12th (booking for the Gents Opening day will go live as normal 10 days before on Thursday July 2nd at 19:15) Ladies opening day scheduled for July 11th. A full list of all fixtures for gents, ladies, seniors and juniors will follow.
  • Entry to gents and seniors competitions will be by online method.
  • Score entry will be via the howdidido app. (We accept some consideration may have to be given on this and will be reviewed during the walk on medals to iron out issues)
  • No opens are scheduled at present
  • Payment to Stuart will be by contactless method (no cash)
  • The course set up will be reviewed with Robert
  • Supplementary scores or cards for handicap should be submitted for processing to the secretary

As stated a full detailed list of procedures and the fixture list will follow in the next couple of days.

Three balls will be permitted from Friday 26th. The booking goes live again for the next period on Wednesday June 24th at 8am. The process of only booking one game per day will still be in operation.

Gerry Flannigan

match and handicap convenor