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With Autumn well and truly upon us and hot on the heels of a very wet end to the Summer it’s safe to say it brings some problems around the course.
Worm casts are by far our biggest issue at present. Heavy rain, soft moist soil and a change in European legislation banning the known efficient and cost effect chemical treatments off the market means worm cast populations are high and with heavy dews lasting into the afternoon opportunities for dry, clean cutting are minimal but still essential given that we still have good regular growth. This problem is not unique to Bathgate and is being experienced in clubs all over Britain however we continue to speak to our fellow greenkeepers and monitor the market closely for any new solutions.
Although slightly soft in some areas the greens have coped well with the constant rain throughout the past 3 months but looking ahead to the maintenance scheduled for October 9th we are going to increase the size of coring tine from 10mm to 13mm for a couple of reasons, with the surfaces being wet for a prolonged period the natural breakdown of organic matter which would be expected during a dry summer has obviously struggled so this will help catch up and help us keep on target for thatch reduction. A larger tine size will also help with some small areas of moss that has formed on a couple of greens.
As well as the hollow coring we will be carrying out a light scarify followed by an application of 30T of straight sand.
With medals scheduled to continue throughout October “course condition depending” here’s hoping for a nice dry spell.