Mission Statement

Achieve Golfing Excellence and Provide Best in Class Bar, Catering and Other Services
To Encourage Members to Stay With Us for Life

Our customers: Our Members, Guests, Sponsors, Visitors & Public

We provide access to golf for players of all standards and to high quality bar & catering to both members and non-members in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that does not discriminate on the grounds of gender, age, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or disability. Our members needs are prioritised first and foremost, our sponsors enjoy the benefits of being associated with the club, guests & visitors and public are encouraged and welcome to use club facilities.

We provide a range of membership categories that satisfies all golfers’ and make these visible to the public to become the golf club in our catchment area to which golfers aspire to belong. We endeavour to ensure our Members feel so valued that they will want to remain in the club for their lifetime.

Achieve Golfing Excellence –

To be recognised arguably as the No 1 Golf Course in West Lothian

  • Design course to be enjoyable & challenging for all standards
  • Present in excellent condition for all major golf events
  • And good condition all year round
  • Plan & complete maintenance with input from specialists
  • Implement 5 year machine renewal plan
  • Have trained and qualified Greens team
  • Issue course communications & address feedback from members

Golf Available to All

    • Encourage all to become members of the Club / be open to all for golf events and visits
    • We offer competitive golf.
    • Make competition booking straightforward & communicate results
    • Offer variety of fun events.
    • Enable non-competitive golfers to play the course each week.

Keep up to date with governing bodies news and communicate to members

Professional Services, Teaching & Practice Facilities to Support all Standard of Golfers

  • In conjunction with club professional, provide opportunities for anyone to learn / improve their golf skills.
  • Promote Golf is Great Programmes for All
  • A junior development fund is maintained by BGC Junior Foundation to encourage & support them develop their skills and compete at local, regional, national, and international level.


Provide Best in Class Bar & Catering Services Open to All  (members, guests, visitors, sponsors, local community)

  • Offer variety of bar & catering options
  • Served by friendly, helpful staff.
  • With service times aligned to meet customer’ needs
  • And discounts for members
  • Support club and customer events throughout the year.

And Events for all our Customers

  • Enable customers to use club facilities for their events
  • Provide varied programme of social events
  • Sponsors and guests enjoy being connected to our club

Communicate with our Members & Customers and Act on Feedback

  • Use all media to keep customers informed
  • Canvass customers to shape our plans

Enhance our Clubhouse Facilities to Meet Customer Needs

  • Develop & implement clubhouse improvement plans
  • Meet health & safety regulatory requirements.
  • Encourage environment and sustainability practises


Underpinned by Other Services

Staff & Council Available to Help Members & Customers

  • There to answer customer questions
  • Implement processes that support running of the club
  • Manage within agreed income & cost budget set by members at AGM
  • Manage and minimise our Costs
  • Value our income & consider income opportunities.
  • Mitigate & manage financial risks & issues

Council Accountable for Achievement of Objectives

  • Govern in line with Club Constitution & Scottish Golf recommendations
  • Each council member opinion is heard and each have a vote
  • Manage to a strategic plan. Track and review performance
  • Ensure members are up to date with our transparent decision making.
  • Undertake governance self assessment reviews each year