Course Condition Members Update 6

7th Oct 2017

Greens– We have recently raised the height of cut slightly for a number of reasons, stress relief, better disease resistance, greater root mass and depth as well as quicker recovery from old hole plugs, pitchmarks and maintenance to name just a few. This will have a negative impact on green speed although more frequent rolling should help maintain a fair pace. Following a wet September the greens are slightly softer than we would like however they continue to dry very quickly meaning minimal disruption to play.

The end of season greens maintenance will be on Mon 9th Oct. For this we will increase the coring size from 10mm to 13mm. This is in light of the last few months of wet weather and will help remove more organic matter, allow more sand input and help remove any small patches of moss which has crept into the surfaces. A light scarify and top dress with 30T of straight sand will also be carried out. Our goal is to have a consistent level of performance across all the greens. The wet weather has highlighted the need to carry out more work on the 14th, 15th and 17th greens to bring them into line. This work will be to carry out a graden exercise to inject more sand into the greens following the extraction of organic matter. Date for this is to be confirmed.

Tees- As with the greens the tees have shown some signs of softening up in particular the 3rd and the 5th. Solid tining has started on the tees using the pro core with 3/4” tines. We plan to core the tees once the greens maintenance has been carried out.

Fairways-  Worm casts continue to be an issue with the constant rain meaning an increase in worms coming to the surface resulting in less than ideal mowing conditions. A watchful eye on weather forecasts has helped us capitalise on any dry cutting conditions but unfortunately some mess is unavoidable. Divoting remains weekly but the reduction in mowing may mean more divots than normal will be lying on the surface at times.

Bunkers- As is normal during wet periods  we have had to allocation many hours to bunker maintenance with full raking and grubbing being a daily task. The remaining edging was also carried out last month with re distribution of sand in the most played out bunkers.

Staff- Now on Winter hours (7:30 – 3:00) and will continue until the 1st Monday in April

Machinery- A couple of minor breakdowns this month with the strimmer and the semi rough mower but nothing significant.

General Comments-

With the main golfing season now over we will be lining the winter greens as no play areas from this week.  High level access work throughout the course and will commence at the earliest date when ground conditions allow.

Winter programme items have been listed and will be finalised after a budget review. You can still add suggestions for the winter programme, or any other course improvement, using this link .

Robert Burns – Head Greenkeeper          Danny Bryce  – Greens Convenor